Picking your orders in bulk for the fastest path times

Do you want to set the fastest lap time–just like Max Verstappen–in your own warehouse? To increase employee efficiency and productivity, it’s important to be able to pick as many orders as possible in bulk per picking round. This makes walking distances per employee much more efficient. This can be achieved in various ways with the WMS system. The four most important methods are highlighted below.

1. Bulk picking single-line orders

The single-line orders are the easiest orders to pick. These are orders that consist of only one order line. The advantage is that you can, for example, pick 100 orders in just one round. The number of single-line orders that you want to pick in one round can be set in the WMS system. By scanning the product at the packing table, the printer automatically prints the shipping label.

2. Bulk picking homogeneous multiline orders

That’s a good word for playing Hang Man. Homogeneous multiline orders are orders comprised of, for example, one red and one blue scarf; orders that contain two similar products in one order. These are also easy to pick in bulk and can be processed at the packing table without a sorting station. By scanning the products at the packing table, the correct shipping label will automatically be printed by the printer.

3. Bulk picking with roll container

Picking orders in bulk with a roll container can be used for multiline orders of, for example, 10 or 15 orders at a time. These are orders with two or more order lines with various articles mixed together. The hand scanner indicates which product to put into which bin. After the entire picking round has been completed, all trays are filled with the products and ready for dispatch. At the packing table, the packer must scan the crate in order to retrieve the correct order with the shipping label. The display turns green when the correct items have been picked. This enables you to pick super efficiently and be (almost) as fast as Max!

4. Bulk picking with Put-To-Light

For example, to be able to pick 50 or 100 multiline orders in bulk, you need a system to sort the orders. It’s possible to use an E-checkwall for this. This intelligent stacking pick bin sorts the orders per bin by scanning each product. With this method you can, for example, run 50 or 100 multiline orders in one picking round and sort them via the E-checkwall. The E-checkwall is fully customised depending on the type of assortment and product size.

Want more ways to pick your orders?

In addition to the above picking flows, there are other ways to score high with your online store. With the hand scanner, you can choose the following options to make your order picking paths as efficient as possible. Among others, you can pick by:

  • Sales channel: e.g. Bol or Amazon,
  • Warehouse: pick orders by warehouse,
  • B2B orders: adjustable above X number of items or lines in a separate pick flow,
  • Customer: see large customers on a separate channel,
  • Zone: pick in a specific zone where certain products are located,
  • Floor: pick by floor in the warehouse,
  • Carrier: pick by carrier, such as DHL, Postnl, DPD, etc.
  • Would you like to know more about this? Get in touch with us!