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At MontaWMS, we have been developing our own warehouse software and hardware for more than twenty years. You can use our software and hardware in the warehouse of your webshop. This is perfect for e-commerce parties that want to stay in control of their own fulfilment. On this page, we will tell you more about the costs of MontaWMS.

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What are the costs of the WMS?

The costs of running our WMS on your server differ per client. This is because the total costs are made up of several factors. The costs of our WMS consist of a monthly licensing fee and a small fee per order. This fee is variable, because we include aspects such as the type of warehouse, the number of products, the number of users and your wishes in our pricing. We also charge a one-time implementation fee to integrate the entire system and provide the on-site training.

Costs WMS

Wat is warehouse management?

Warehouse management of magazijnbeheer omvat alle processen die gericht zijn op het beheer van warehouses (magazijnen), distributiecentra of andere plaatsen waar goederen worden opgeslagen. In de afgelopen jaren is de omvang van warehouses flink toegenomen. Daarbij worden er hoge eisen gesteld aan levertijden door consumenten. Dit alles zorgt ervoor dat efficiënt magazijnbeheer steeds belangrijker wordt. Een Warehouse Management Systeem biedt hier een uitkomst. De implementatie van een WMS systeem is mogelijk in vrijwel iedere bedrijfsomgeving. Het kan gaan om een e-commerce bedrijf, retailer met webshop, transportbedrijf, winkelketen of bijvoorbeeld groothandel.

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Our core values are enthusiasm & excellence. That is exactly how we do things at MontaWMS.

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Would you like to know more?

We are happy to show you how MontaWMS works during a demo hosted by one of our team members. You can see for yourself what our system can do for your warehouse. Feel free to contact us for more information about our software and our rates. MontaWMS helps your webshop grow!