How does a return label work?

Return label

A return label is a shipping label that a consumer can use to return their order. There are several ways to create a return label:

  • For an order in the MontaPortal
  • For a return pre-notification in the MontaPortal
  • By the consumer when they register a return via the RMA.
  • You can include a return label with the order

The return address is used as the address on the return label. You may want to create a return label in the MontaPortal for an order that is no longer available or one that has already been anonymised. The user can circumvent this issue by creating a ‘return order‘. This is an order that is marked as shipped in the portal, but does not include any products. You can create a return order via the address book or by creating a new order on the screen where you can enter the consumer’s personal information.

Including a return label with the order
For a channel, there is an option to include a return label with every order. You can specify what shipper to create a return label for. The return label is created when the order is verified. The return label is then printed during the e-check. The return label is printed on a sheet of A4 paper, so the user can clearly distinguish between the shipping label and the return label during the e-check.
Using a different address for the return label
The address that was originally used for an order may not be suitable for use as a sender address when creating a return label. To resolve this issue, it is possible to add a return address to an order via the MontaPortal.