Customers MontaWMS

Customers MontaWMS

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What our customers say about MontaWMS?

“MontaWMS has been a huge success for us. We were one of the first to put this outstanding WMS system into operation. Where necessary, we were able to quickly adapt the system to our needs.”

AkzoNobel WMS

Raymond Vlietstra

Key Manager AkzoNobel

“For us, the combination of IT and logistics was the deciding factor in choosing MontaWMS. MontaWMS has helped us to redesign the processes where efficiency and ease of use are paramount.”

MontaWMS balr

Olaf Berendson

Director of Operations Balr

“Order picking is now much faster. Previously, it took our warehouse staff all day to finish picking, now they’re finished in two hours. Apart from enormous time savings, it also eliminates a lot of frustration.”

12GO Biking WMS

Jelle Meijer

Director 12GO Biking

MontaWMS brochure

Seven core principles of MontaWMS

Discover why our clients walk around their warehouse every day with a smile on their face. Where should we send the brochure?

“We are looking forward to the Christmas season again! With this WMS solution it can only get better.”

Ivo Braam
Logistics coördinator Marko

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Mostedwanted wms

Most Wanted

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dekbed wms

Dekbed Discounter