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Your customers expect you to deliver goods quickly and cheaply. Whether you run a webshop, a distribution centre or a production company, you need an efficient and error-free process to keep your customers happy. Put-to-light works with visual instructions in the form of lights and displays that indicate exactly where warehouse staff should put the products they picked and in what quantity. This will allow you to work more efficiently and faster and keep your customers satisfied. A put-to-light system is ideal for bulk picking and multi-order picking.

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What is put-to-light and how does it work?

Put-to-light applications use displays and lights to show order pickers in what compartments products have to be replenished. With this system, multiple orders can be picked faster and more efficiently. A display shows order pickers what items to pick and where to put each product.

The put-to-light system is linked to our WMS. This gives you real-time insight into your stock levels and the progress of open orders. The system also makes it clear as to what products have to be replenished. This ensures the replenishing activities are optimally tailored to the picking activities. That, in turn, results in a more efficient workflow in your warehouse.

What is put-to-light and how does it work
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The benefits of put-to-light

Put-to-light is perfect for processes where multiple orders are picked in one go and products have to be sorted at the end of each picking round. With this system, your order pickers can e.g. pick fifty orders in one round. Order pickers spend less time walking back and forth through the warehouse, which makes the job of a full-time order picker far less physically demanding. This technology greatly simplifies the process of sorting picked orders into customer orders.

  • Smart order processing with a smaller margin of error
  • Less physically demanding for warehouse staff
  • Increasing productivity, as dozens of orders can be picked and sorted at once
  • Seamless integration with WMS
  • Lower operational costs
The benefits of put-to-light
On-site delivery and training

On-site delivery and training

MontaWMS delivers your tailor-made put-to-light systems on location, including our software, PC and power cabinet. Our in-house development team ensures the WMS is seamlessly integrated into your warehouse. However, that is not all we do. We want your people to know exactly how to use our system. That is why our R&D department always provides on-site training for your staff. Our team will teach your people a new way of working. After this demonstration and training, everyone will know how to pick and sort items from then on.

Fully customisable

The put-to-light compartments can be made to your exact specifications. The dimensions of the compartments depend on the volume you sell and the type of product. The software itself takes the size of the products into account. For example, small products are assigned to small put-to-light compartments, while large orders are assigned to the large put-to-light compartments, all based on the product dimensions.

We offer several types of put-to-light solutions. As mentioned, we can deliver applications with product compartments. Alternatively, we can deliver a put-to-light system that uses bins. These bins all have a barcode and are placed in a storage cabinet. Each bin represents a unique order. When an order picker is done bulk picking products, they sort these products into the correct bins. Once an order is complete, a green light will switch on and the bin is moved down the line to the packer.

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