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Are you looking to generate more revenue? Link your CCV shop to our MontaWMS software. Manage and optimise all your channels via a single central system. Create and save comprehensive overviews of all your orders. Gain more insight into your stock levels and warehouse. The WMS link with CCV shop is easy to set up.

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What is CCV shop?

CCV shop offers an all-in-one solution for webshops. For a fixed monthly fee, you get a CCV webshop with hosting, updates and support. A major benefit of CCV shop is that it lets you easily add various integrations and links, such as a link with a WMS. This means you can customise your online shop in whatever way suits you.

If your CCV shop receives more than fifty orders per day, it is time to look into automation. It is impractical to enter and process such a large volume of orders entirely by hand. It is easy to lose track of things and make mistakes. That is why we recommend linking your CCV webshop to MontaWMS. Our software helps you streamline your order flows, warehouse and stock levels from purchasing to delivery. Our development team has worked hard to create a standard WMS link with your CCV shop. This standard solution makes the integration a lot faster and easier. The link is relatively easy to implement. One of our IT specialists will help you with the basic setup. Once that is completed, we will hand the reins back to you.

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Functionalities of the integration with your webshop

Synchronising your CCV shop with our warehouse management software gives you a better handle on your orders. Other benefits include:

  • Order entry: Orders from your webshop are sent directly to the MontaWMS software for error-free processing.
  • Order management: Gain insight into the status of your orders anytime and anywhere.
  • Inventory management: Monitor your stock levels in real time via the system. Easily and quickly react to the latest market developments and adjust your stock levels accordingly.
  • Track & trace orders: Insight into the registration of orders and automatic feedback via a complete integration with the best national and international transporters.
  • Smart analyses: With the help of the available data, you get powerful shop analyses and reports. You can monitor the performances of all your sales channels via the dashboard. This allows you to improve your processes and optimise your customers’ shopping experiences.
Functionalities of the integration with your webshop