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Packing tables

A packing table is an essential thing to have in your warehouse. This table makes the process of preparing orders for shipping faster, more efficient, more ergonomic and more practical. All packaging material is within reach. This saves staff from having to walk back and forth all day. We have the right packing table for every warehouse.

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What types of packing tables for warehouses do we offer?

MontaWMS offers various types of packing tables that you can use in your warehouse. These range from a highly compact setup to an extra-large table, so your staff can pack any item with ease. If you have a lot of orders to pack, a duo packing table might be the perfect solution for your warehouse. This setup allows two people to work side by side. Other types of tables we offer are:

• Solo or duo packing tables
• Height-adjustable packing tables
• Packing tables on wheels
• Packing tables with an extra-large tabletop for large boxes

what types of packing tables for warehouses do we offer
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Height-adjustable packing table

If your business uses flexible workstations, you need height-adjustable packing tables. The ideal working height differs from one person to the next. A height-adjustable packing table can easily be set to the right height, either electrically or manually. This allows anyone to work in an optimally ergonomic and efficient manner. If you are looking to save space in your warehouse or if you need to package products at other locations, you can choose packing tables on wheels. The wheels attached to the table make it easy to move the workspace around. On top of that, you can set up the moveable packing table however you want. This eliminates the need to carry heavy objects around.

There is no reason why a warehouse should be a dull environment. By having your warehouse packing table painted in an attractive RAL colour, e.g. one that suits your corporate style, you can create a work environment that is recognisable to everyone, including clients, staff and other parties visiting your warehouse. We can deliver packing tables in all RAL colours. But that’s not all. We also offer a wide range of useful accessories.

Packing tables
Packing tables

Expanded possibilities with handy accessories

Our adjustable packing tables do not take up much space, which keeps your warehouse environment uncluttered. The tables can easily be expanded with useful accessories for packaging and storage. Think of storage racks in which you can store shipping boxes. There is a printer to attach the right labels to each package. All our packing tables come with an Android mini PC. This computer contains our E-check app. This software shows an overview of open orders and synchronises with the barcode scanner and the document printer to ensure the right packing slip is printed off for each order.

These days, everything happens much faster. Speed is of the essence. Saving costs and increasing sustainability are growing concerns. Paper pick lists and reams of printed documents are a thing of the past. MontaWMS helps you digitalise your logistical process. The more flexible your warehouse process is, the easier it will be to accommodate all processes that take place within your organisation – both on- and offline. With the help of our software, you can prepare your warehouse for the future. Together, we can create an entirely paper-free warehouse.