WCS – Warehouse Control System – is the driving force behind an effective warehouse. It is impossible to implement an automatic storage system without having a system to control your machines. In other words, you need a Warehouse Control System. This software is an all-encompassing system that controls every element within your warehouse, such as your webshop systems, hardware and transporters.

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What is a WCS?

A WCS is a software application that is used to manage and control automation systems for material handling in a warehouse or distribution centre. This system allows you to track and monitor various types of robotisation and automation in your warehouse. Warehouse Control Systems are responsible for safeguarding an efficient stream of goods across various hardware and subsystems, such as transport belts, pick-to-light modules, carousels, sorters and pallets.

What is a WCS?
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The benefits of a Warehouse Control System

The WCS module forms part of the MontaWMS. The system establishes live connections to the hardware in the warehouse. At a glance, you can monitor a machine’s efficiency and see whether it is functioning properly or experiencing a malfunction. It also gives you insight into the number of orders and order lines that a machine has processed and within what time frame. The main benefits of automation in a warehouse are increased efficiency and the prevention of errors in complex processes. Other benefits include:

  • More control over your machines
  • Insight into malfunctions
  • Measuring efficiency
  • Smart analyses of your Return on Investment (ROI)
The benefits of a Warehouse Control System
integration of a WCS and a WMS

The integration of a WCS and a WMS

A WCS and a WMS are inextricably connected. One system cannot function properly without the other. You cannot achieve the results you want with a WCS alone. The control system ensures that a machine transports the right pallet to its assigned storage location. Yet how is that location chosen? How are the turnover rates of the goods in question or the number of employees required per shift taken into account? This is where a WMS comes in to complement the WCS. Together, they will create a structured and optimal workflow in your warehouse.

At MontaWMS, we are strong proponents of the use of robotisation and automation in a warehouse environment. We believe this is the only way for your webshop or e-commerce business to keep up with the rapid developments in the world of e-commerce and set yourself apart from your competition

Insight into smart analyses via your personal dashboard

It goes without saying that you want your warehouse to perform as well as possible. You can use your personal dashboard in the Montaportal monitor to manage and optimise the various machines and hardware running in your warehouse(s). Depending on the number of active machines, the hardware is automatically connected to the WCS system per warehouse.

PowerBI is used to conduct a wide range of smart analyses of the various equipment and machinery that help your warehouse to function optimally. For example, if you want to know how many packages the Montapacker processed today, simply click on the logo. This will take you to a dashboard with detailed information about the machine’s performance.

Smart analyses dashboard

Carriers, marketplaces and various
webshop systems can be directly linked

Even outside the Netherlands, we can link to carriers and various marketplaces to optimise your logistics process throughout Europe and beyond.

Rapid launch

Depending on the project, MontaWMS can be operational in your warehouse within a few weeks.

Save costs

Save on costs by organising your warehouse more efficiently with our walking paths.

Employee satisfaction

Working with our WMS system makes for happier employees, which leads to greatly increased job satisfaction!

Meet MontaWMS

The connection with a WCS allows your warehouse to function entirely autonomously from the reception of goods to order picking and processing returns: everything is handled automatically and warehouse staff know exactly what to do and when and how to do it. MontaWMS is eager to help you boost the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse. Request a demo and discover how our software can be tailored to suit your wishes and needs.

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