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Via the MontaPortal, you can easily link your webshop to your Amazon account. This will allow you to sell your products via Amazon to national and international customers in a fully automated manner. Instead of manually entering orders, you get a fully automated order process in which orders are processed in real time – via any sales channel!

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Process orders from various Amazon marketplaces via MontaWMS

Amazon Europe has more than sixty million monthly users. You can reach out to these users without having to make any major investments. Link your Amazon account to MontaWMS and automate the order process. From order to delivery. There is a much smaller risk of errors and your capacity and efficiency get a boost. That is good for you and for your customers!

Our development team has already created a standard link with Amazon NL, DE and FR. All you have left to do is enter the requested information and hit ‘create link‘ in our system. You can oversee and manage all your webshops, stock levels, orders and links with various marketplaces and transporters – all via a single central system. This means you are always in control. Selling via Amazon offers you, as an entrepreneur, various opportunities. Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace. Almost any product imaginable can be sold via this platform. With our link, you can generate more revenue without having to do more work!

Process orders from various Amazon marketplaces via MontaWMS
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How is our WMS linked to Amazon?

You can link your Amazon account to your MontaWMS account by completing a few simple steps in the MontaPortal. You can easily do this yourself or with a bit of help from one of our specialists. You simply enter your API data and we will take care of the rest. Your link can be fully operational in a matter of minutes. By linking MontaWMS to your Amazon account, your stock levels are always up to date, orders are automatically processed in your webshop and you are in full control of your delivery reliability with the track & trace integration.

Do you sell on several Amazon marketplaces? In that case, inventory management can be a real challenge. With MontaWMS, information is sent to your various sales channels in real time – even those outside Amazon. This means you will never oversell any product. Use our settings to fully customise the system to your liking. This is the best way to have your webshops and links work for you.

How is our WMS linked to Amazon