Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management includes all processes related to managing warehouses, distribution centres and other locations where goods are stored.

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Your webshop is growing, congratulations! As the number of orders increases, so do the challenges you face. How do you ensure that you always have sufficient stock without being overstocked? Can you continue to fulfil your promises in terms of delivery times? How do you keep your customers satisfied? Can your employees handle the increasing number of orders and do they continue to enjoy their work? Sooner or later you will have to deal with these and other issues. We have the answer for you: MontaWMS, the ultimate e-commerce WMS for more efficient warehouse management.

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What is warehouse management?

Warehouse management includes all processes related to managing warehouses, distribution centres or other locations where goods are stored. In recent years, the size of warehouses has increased significantly. In addition, there are high demands on delivery times. All this means that efficiency in warehouse management is becoming increasingly important. MontaWMS offers a range of software functionalities. In addition to the picking process, our software can also control various hardware systems such as Pick To Light, Put To Light and robotic systems. In addition to our software, we also manufacture, supply and maintain various hardware systems. This hardware is in daily use at various Monta branches to make the picking process even more efficient. Our own R&D department is continuously working to further optimise and expand these hardware systems.

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MontaWMS warehouse management

MontaWMS and warehouse management

MontaWMS is a total solution for e-commerce and its associated logistics. This WMS has integrations with marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol.com, and links to many different carriers such as DHL and DPD. It is possible to link every online store platform to MontaWMS using standard links such as Magento, Lightspeed, Shopify and Woocommerce, among others, or our extensive REST API. The advanced MontaWMS dashboards provide insight into finances, and plug-ins ensure that webshops can display extensive delivery options to their consumers. The returns module enables our customers to optimise their returns process.

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  • Real-time insight into your order flows per customer, warehouse, floor or zone.
  • Links to webshops, carriers and ERP systems.
  • Rapid launch. Operational in your warehouse within a few weeks.-
  • Cost savings through efficient organization of your warehouse.
  • Produces happier employees and greatly increases job satisfaction!
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