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Warehouse optimisation

Time, money and assets are precious. Warehouse optimisation helps you to save costs. Say goodbye to expensive stock, slow movers in your warehouse and time-consuming walking routes. Work more efficiently with the help of automation and smart solutions. Maximise the efficiency of your warehouse with the software developed by MontaWMS

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What is warehouse optimisation?

Warehouse optimisation is a very broad concept that can be applied within a warehouse in myriad ways. At MontaWMS, we have opted for a combination of smart software and hardware that work together seamlessly. Hardware such as pick-to-light, put-to-light systems and other forms of robotisation make the work in your warehouse easier, faster and more enjoyable. The smart algorithms in our software direct the hardware and determine the best picking strategies, as well as the optimal layout of the warehouse and the walking routes.

What is warehouse optimisation
How can MontaWMS help you optimise your warehouse

How can MontaWMS help you optimise your warehouse?

We use automated and smart solutions to help you optimise your warehouse. We automatically register and process the activities being performed on the work floor using barcode scanning and automatic identification. This real-time insight results in fewer mistakes and a lower administrative workload. For added security and convenience, we store all these data in the cloud. When you grow, we grow right along with you. Our system is scalable and can easily be tailored to suit your situation. This is ideal if you want to accommodate seasonal fluctuations, e.g. extreme peaks during Black Friday or the holidays.

Automation and smart hard- and software solutions
Management and storage in the cloud
Easy upscaling
Increased efficiency and less walking
All processes integrated with our WMS

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Smart stock optimisation

In a warehouse, you want to stock as many fast-selling high-turnover products as possible, while minimising the number of slow movers, i.e. less popular low-turnover products. These slow movers take up precious space in your warehouse and are therefore costly to keep in stock. As part of our warehouse optimisation, we always look for ways to optimise your smart stock. We do this by optimising the following types of stock:

  • Obsolescent stock: products that do not or hardly ever sell, but which you do have in stock.
  • Slow movers: products with a low turnover or an unstable sales pattern.
  • Expensive stock: when stock costs more than it brings in.

The smart stock module is a standard component of your MontaWMS licence. It gives you insight into the performances of your stock and helps you keep dead stock out of your warehouse. This allows you to optimise your stock, save significantly on stock costs and therefore realise faster growth.

Smart stock optimisation
Warehouse mapper and viewer

Warehouse mapper and viewer

Setting up your warehouse is a crucial aspect of warehouse optimisation. An efficient warehouse layout will result in better walking routes. Our algorithm provides the foundation for this, which is shown in the Warehouse Mapper and Viewer. This tool presents a top-down view of your warehouse and shelves and allows you to draw a scale version of your entire warehouse. You can also print out an overview of historical picking routes.

This shows you exactly what the high- and low-traffic areas of your warehouse are. Analysing the routes allows you to optimise the walking routes and the layout of your warehouse. The software also gives you the option of modifying the walking route in preparation for the future. As a warehouse manager, this gives you optimal flexibility!
After all, the routes through your warehouse should allow as many orders as possible to be picked as efficiently as possible. MontaWMS’ experts are happy to help you optimise the walking routes through your warehouse.

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Report store

Within your own MontaWMS portal, you also have access to the report store. This portal contains more than eighty reports about various topics. Think of stock analyses, walking routes or the return process. You can generate these reports for a specific period. It is also possible to send a report to PowerBI. PowerBI conducts smart analyses that help you optimise your warehouse. Would you like to automatically receive daily, weekly or monthly emails with updates about the previous period? You can! This action can be fully automated.

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