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Mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor lets you double or even triple the amount of storage space in your warehouse. By installing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse, you can quickly create additional storage space without the need to extensively remodel your warehouse.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is also known as an entresol or intermediate floor. It is a self-supporting steel structure with floor panels and matching accessories. In warehouses, production halls, gyms and commercial spaces, it is common to find one or more mezzanine floors. In warehouses, the floors are used to store goods and create additional workspace. If your building is tall enough to accommodate a mezzanine floor, it offers an efficient way to significantly increase your available storage space. There is no need to relocate, remodel or rent external storage space.

MontaWMS can deliver and install a mezzanine floor in your warehouse. We offer a complete setup with stairs and bannisters to a freight elevator and shelving space. We can offer shelving space at a sharp rate and in different designs. The depth of a shelf depends on the products you want to store on it.

What is a mezzanine floor
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No two mezzanine floors are the same

Various applications call for thorough technical expertise. When designing and installing a mezzanine floor, we take various factors into account. As a result, no two floors are the same. In addition to dimensions, colour scheme, span, load-bearing capacity and point load, local fire-safety requirements also affect the design. Of course, we will also factor in various visual aspects and user comfort. Before we can install your new mezzanine floor and shelving space, we want to know what your warehouse currently looks like and how much additional storage space you want to create. Our specialists will measure your building

During the design process, we will make good use of our extensive experience with warehouse organisation. What is the best way to organise a warehouse? Did you account for optimal routing? What is the most logical place to store specific items? We have the answers to all these questions! It may take some figuring out, but we will get there in the end. With the help of our specialists and our software, we will create the optimal warehouse layout that works for you. Our software can easily and quickly devise a layout, plot optimal routes through your warehouse and specify where to store goods based on the available data.

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