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Save on the most frustrating or time-consuming process of your webshop: shipping parcels and mails. You can automate the entire order and shipping process by linking your webshop to Deutsche Post via the all-in-one platform offered by MontaWMS. We grow along with you.

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What is Deutsche Post?

Deutsche Post is a subsidiary of DHL. It handles all mail for the world’s largest courier service. Every day, the company delivers over sixty million letters in Germany alone. Since the company went private in 2005, Deutsche Post has exponentially expanded its activities, particularly via its DHL Express branch.

What is Deutsche Post
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Easily link DHL Deutsche Post to your WMS

You can add your preferred transporters and marketplaces to our WMS software in mere minutes using our standard links. Our developers have created ready-to-use links for the most commonly used tools. All you have to do is link your DHL Deutsche Post account via our system. If you want to offer alternative shipping options or use a different transporter, that is fine too. You can create new connections with a few simple clicks. Switch back and forth between transporters whenever it suits you.
• Generate pre-registered shipping labels at the touch of a button
• Retrieve track & trace information and automatically send it to the consumer along with a shipping confirmation
• Use rules to specify the correct shipping profiles and delivery options for your orders

Easily link DH -Deutsche Post to your WMS
Delivery to 110,000 German letterboxes

Delivery to 110,000 German letterboxes

By linking your webshop to Deutsche Post, you can significantly expand your (international) reach. At the touch of a button, you can have your mail delivered to one of 110,000 letterboxes across Germany. Automate the picking, packing and printing of shipping labels and offer your customers a unique experience with personal tracking mails and a self-service returns portal. The flexible settings allow you to set up the shipping process exactly how you like it.
Give your customers the perfect shopping experience

We all want the same thing: to offer perfect services to all customers who place an order in your webshop. By managing your entire shop via a single central system, you can get more control over your orders for DHL Deutsche Post, your stock levels and your warehouse. With our smart system, the logistics behind your webshop are guaranteed to run smoothly. You can save time and boost your customer satisfaction. This allows you to create the perfect online shopping experience for your customers.

  • Inspire trust: give your customers the assurance they want by offering additional services, such as signature for delivery or an age check at the door.
  • Wide range of delivery options: during the checkout process, your customers can choose exactly how, where and when they wish to receive their packages. Such options include in the evening, at a Deutsche Post pick-up point or by making sure a parcel is not delivered to a neighbour’s house. Give customers a sense of control. This allows you to easily accommodate your consumers’ wishes.
  • Easy returns: our RMA module (Return Merchandise Authorisation) makes it easy for customers to return their order. An easy and quick returns process leads to more satisfied customers.