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Link your BigCommerce webshop to MontaWMS for more ease of use. Increase your efficiency, save costs and boost your customer satisfaction. Import and export your orders, customers and products via a single platform. All processes work together seamlessly, which minimises the risk of errors. Take a look at the many versatile solutions that MontaWMS offers.

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What is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed provides sales software for retailers, restaurants and webshop owners. It was originally designed as a Point-of-Sale system that helps locations create a point of sale. In 2015, the Canadian company acquired the Dutch SEOshop. This allowed Lightspeed to add a fully developed e-commerce platform to its portfolio. The platform makes it easy to sell products and services on the national and international markets. The software was developed to allow entrepreneurs to focus all their attention on their webshop’s marketing and sales.

What is Lightspeed
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Lightspeed API link for your webshop

We believe automation is the only way to keep up if your Lightspeed webshop is growing rapidly. We are happy to help you with this transition. Our innovative development team has already created a standard Lightspeed API link. Together with you, we will make sure your webshop’s foundation is in order. Afterwards, you can customise individual settings to ensure all systems work as well as possible for you, your customers and your partners. The functionalities of our WMS link with Lightspeed are:

  • Import product information from Lightspeed
  • Full stock update to Lightspeed
  • Order status shipped to Lightspeed
  • Stock updates to Lightspeed for products with changed stock
  • Import orders from Lightspeed
  • Product match
Lightspeed API link for your webshop
The benefits of integration with MontaWMS

The benefits of integration with MontaWMS

Easily link your Lightspeed webshop(s) to our MontaWMS software to take full advantage of the following benefits:

  • Order entry: Incoming webshop orders are sent directly to the MontaWMS software for adequate handling.
  • Order management: A comprehensive overview of the status of all your orders – anytime and anywhere.
  • Inventory management: Easily monitor your stock levels via the system in real time and gain more insight into your logistical processes.
  • Full track & trace integration: Fully integrated shipment registration and automatic feedback of track & trace information from all national and international transporters.

By creating a centralised system and being able to check all your order, product and stock information quickly and in real time, you can offer your customers the best possible service. Do you want more control over your order flows? Request a demo via our website!