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When you have orders to ship, you simply cannot do without a label printer. This handy device can print all kinds of labels in mere seconds. Besides transporters, you can use the label printer for inbound, outbound and returns. It is an effective and error-proof method.

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Printing labels with a thermal label printer

There are several ways to print labels. The traditional method uses printing ink. The downside of a label printer that uses ink is that you have to replace the cartridges from time to time. These cartridges are also fairly expensive. A thermal label printer does away with these problems. It is compact and easy to move around. Besides taking up minimal space on your workstation, it is also a more sustainable solution. That is what we call win-win!

A thermal label printer uses a heat-sensitive coating. This coating is activated by a printer head that heats up the label. Next, it leaves an impression on the label in one colour, usually black. With this technology, you do not need any ink or print labels.

• Sustainable
• Cost efficient
• Easy to use
• Fast
• All-in-one solution for printing labels
• Remotely operable
• Excellent protection against IoT intrusions

Printing labels with a thermal label printer
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Zebra ZZD420D

The Zebra ZZD420D printer is the same thermal label printer that we use in our own warehouses. This label printer is suitable for printing labels with a width of 25-104 mm and it can print up to 127 mm per second. MontaWMS specifically recommends the Zebra ZZD420D for printing labels. You can purchase the Zebra label printer yourself via the company’s website. This flexible four-inch label printer is sustainable and offers excellent performance. You can easily connect the printer to your mini PC via USB.

Another major benefit of using a label printer is that you do not have to purchase a separate label printer for every transporter. Whether you ship packages via PostNL, DHL, GLS or another (international) transporter: this printer can do it all. Select your transporter, tap print and the printer will give you the label you need. It doesn’t get any easier than that! A label printer can be used to print off barcode and shipping labels. Labels and barcode are essential in any well-organised warehouse. They help to reduce errors and increase efficiency by letting you know exactly where to find a product or where an order is in the logistical process. After connecting your label printer, you can print labels at the touch of a button via MontaWMS.

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