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If the products you sell in your webshop have widely varying dimensions or if the items you sell are generally quite large, your people probably spend a lot of time packaging items for shipping. There is a better way to go about this and save lots of time in the process. A packing machine can package items independently and automatically.

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What does a packing machine do?

With a packing machine, you can optimise your packing process through mechanisation. The machine is particularly useful if you have a large volume of orders to process every day and the items you have to ship either have varying or odd dimensions or are somewhat large. The machine is not ideal for packing very large products. Constantly having to switch between boxes of different sizes on the packing table takes a lot of time. That is where an automatic packing machine can help.

We use the packing machine in a number of our own warehouses. We like to refer to it as ‘Pacman’. The machine consists of a construction with robots that are managed by our WMS. The roller conveyors feed products into the machine and carry them away once they are packed. What does a packing machine actually do? We can explain it in five easy steps. You can also look at the video to see for yourself how it works.

  • A product is placed on the roller conveyor
  • The product enters the machine and is scanned
  • The packing machine calculates the optimal dimensions of the box
  • The product is packaged
  • The packaged product leaves the machine and is ready to be sorted for shipping
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What are the benefits of using a packing machine?

A packing machine automates many of the steps in the packing process that used to be done by hand. Since items are packaged ‘better‘, you save on shipping costs.

  • Save labour costs: the machine handles time-consuming manual labour, which means you need fewer hands at the packing tables.
  • Save cardboard: Every item is packed in a custom-sized box. Say goodbye to large boxes for small items and save on the costs of cardboard.
  • Save fuel costs: Since the packing machine creates boxes that fit each item perfectly, you are not shipping boxes full of empty air. Transporters can carry more packages at once, which saves fuel costs!
    We are firm believers in the power of automation. It is the future. Despite a rapidly growing volume of orders, a packing machine can significantly reduce your transport volume, cardboard usage and labour costs. Best of all, integrating the machine within your existing logistical processes is fairly easy.
What are the benefits of using a packing machine