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With the seamless integration with MontaWMS, you can effectively sell your products on ChannelEngine. Instead of manually entering orders, you can switch between your various systems completely automatically. Ship orders faster, more easily and import them in real time. Gain control over your stock levels. We help your webshop grow. Request a demo.

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What is ChannelEngine?

ChannelEngine is a Dutch company that was founded in 2013. The platform helps users sell products on online marketplaces. ChannelEngine connects webshop systems to international markets and sales channels. As a webshop owner, this gives you more control over your sales channels and greater insight into your orders. First and foremost, ChannelEngine is a marketplace tool that – when combined with the right strategy and effective solutions for various warehouse and distribution challenges – will help you generate more revenue.

What is ChannelEngine
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Linking our WMS to ChannelEngine

You can easily link MontaWMS to ChannelEngine. Our developers have already created a standard link, so you can be fully operational with just a few clicks. You can easily set up the link yourself via the MontaPortal. In most cases, you won’t need any professional support. Once the integration is complete, all product information, stock levels and order processing will automatically synchronise between the two systems. All information will be updated in real time. A link with ChannelEngine offers you various opportunities as a webshop owner. This platform will grant you access to a much wider audience. With our link, you can generate more revenue without having to do more work!

  • Import orders into MontaWMS in real time
  • We send shipping notifications – including track & trace codes – to ChannelEngine
  • If you have multiple sales accounts, you can link them all to a single MontaWMS account
Linking our WMS to ChannelEngine
Streamlined order processing for all your points of sale

Streamlined order processing for all your points of sale

If you sell products on online marketplaces without linking these to your webshop, managing orders can be a time-consuming task. It is all too easy to make mistakes. You can avoid these mistakes and save precious time by linking your webshop to various online marketplaces – such as ChannelEngine – via MontaWMS. This ensures your product range is always up to date on every sales channel and orders are automatically sent to your webshop as well. The synchronisation makes it easy to manage your webshop. It will also boost your delivery reliability by allowing customers to monitor their orders anytime and anywhere with the track & trace integration.

If you want to boost your revenue, capacity and efficiency, MontaWMS’ specialists can help. Don’t turn your warehouse into a maze and start automating today. Our experts are happy to discuss the diverse benefits our system offers during a personal demo. We are also eager to learn more about your ambitions and challenges. Together, we can create the system that works best for you.