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A WMS for webshops for increased insight into order flows, shipments and stock. Ideal for webshops with their own warehouse.

20 years development

65+ developers

1.500 connected webshops

WMS for webshops

Do you have a webshop with its own warehouse? Then our Warehouse Management System, MontaWMS, is what you need! You remain in control of the processing and shipping of all your orders from your own warehouse, but with the added convenience of using our software. MontaWMS is the ultimate software for working efficiently in your warehouse! For 20 years, our software has been continuously developed at the Monta Innovation Center.

WMS for webshops
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Seven core principles of MontaWMS

Discover why our clients walk around their warehouse every day with a smile on their face. Where should we send the brochure?

What is warehouse management

Warehouse management includes all processes related to managing warehouses, distribution centres or other locations where goods are stored. In recent years, the size of warehouses has increased significantly. Then there are also the high demands made on delivery times by consumers. All this means that efficiency in warehouse management is becoming increasingly important. This is where a Warehouse Management System offers a solution. The implementation of a WMS system is feasible in virtually every business environment. This could, for example, be an e-commerce company, a retailer with a webshop, a transport company, a retail chain or a wholesaler.

What is warehouse management

What our customers say about MontaWMS?

“MontaWMS has been a huge success for us. We were one of the first to put this outstanding WMS system into operation. Where necessary, we were able to quickly adapt the system to our needs.”

AkzoNobel WMS

Raymond Vlietstra

Key Manager AkzoNobel

“For us, the combination of IT and logistics was the deciding factor in choosing MontaWMS. MontaWMS has helped us to redesign the processes where efficiency and ease of use are paramount.”

MontaWMS balr

Olaf Berendson

Director of Operations Balr

“Order picking is now much faster. Previously, it took our warehouse staff all day to finish picking, now they’re finished in two hours. Apart from enormous time savings, it also eliminates a lot of frustration.”

12GO Biking WMS

Jelle Meijer

Director 12GO Biking

Effective warehouse management

WMS software plays an important role in efficient and effective warehouse management. But MontaWMS also has other smart software functionalities such as walking paths, a warehouse configurator, shopping cart management for shippers, purchasing advice, dropshipment support, RMA modules, track and trace, ERP software and data analysis tools. A combination of all these functionalities enables the warehouse optimisation of 3 important functions: inbound, storage and outbound.

Effective warehouse management


Where is the best location in the warehouse? Based on sales, the WMS will indicate the best location for goods in the warehouse.


The WMS keeps track of where goods are stored in the warehouse and, if required, whether they have been moved.


For a sales order, the WMS indicates where the requested product is located so it can be picked for delivery.

WMS hardware

WMS hardware

In addition to our own software, we can also produce, supply and maintain various hardware systems. This hardware is in daily use at various Monta branches to make the picking process even more efficient. Our R&D department is continuously working on further optimising and expanding these hardware systems. Available hardware that we manufacture:

  • Newland MT90 hand scanner incl. Android apps
  • Pick To Light
  • Put to Light
  • E-check Wall
  • Goods lifts
  • Roller conveyors
  • Work tables (height adjustable)
  • Robotic systems

20 years of continued development

Our WMS software gets smarter every day.


Driven developers


Linked webshops


Our own warehouses

Benefits of MontaWMS for your webshops

If your webshop is growing towards fulfilling 50 orders per day, it’s often impossible to keep track of these orders manually. Integrating a WMS not only saves time, it also reduces the risk of errors. MontaWMS can be linked to your webshop within a few weeks. This will enable you to dispatch your orders much more quickly. Other benefits our MontaWMS has to offer:

  • The ultimate e-commerce WMS will increase your turnover;
  • You will have real-time insight into your order flows per customer, warehouse, floor or zone at all times;
  • It has an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) module; an application that generates your returns efficiently;
  • There are links to a large number of webshops systems, marketplaces, carriers and ERP systems;
  • Can be linked to your webshop within a few weeks;
  • Used by more than 1700 webshops, providing a solution suited to every challenge;
  • A continuous development of more than 20 years by our Innovation Center;
  • Features intelligent and self-managed cloud-based software for the greatest efficiency and walking paths.
Benefits of MontaWMS for your webshops
Real time insight from just one system

Real-time insight from just one system

No more switching between different tools. Our WMS software is the only tool you’ll need. Our MWS gives you real-time insight into the status of your warehouse. You can view your personal dashboard to see how your warehouse is performing. View your order flows per customer, warehouse, floor or zone. You press the buttons and are in full control. Want to change carriers or add a new carrier? You can make adjustments in the system quickly and easily.

Carriers, marketplaces and various
webshop systems can be directly linked

Even outside the Netherlands, we can link to carriers and various marketplaces to optimise your logistics process throughout Europe and beyond.

Rapid launch

Depending on the project, MontaWMS can be operational in your warehouse within a few weeks.

Save costs

Save on costs by organising your warehouse more efficiently with our walking paths.

Employee satisfaction

Working with our WMS system makes for happier employees, which leads to greatly increased job satisfaction!

Request a demo

Request a demo

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