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Order management

Do you have a webshop with its own warehouse? Then read on about how our Warehouse Management System, MontaWMS, can help you manage and improve your order processing.

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Webshop with own warehouse

Our WMS is the tool for efficient Warehouse and Order Management. It gives you real-time insight into your order flows per customer, warehouse, floor or zone at all times. The software includes links with carrier software, international marketplaces, various ERP systems and all major webshop systems. This means that a link with your webshop can be established within a few days.

Webshop with own warehouse
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Seven core principles of MontaWMS

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What is order management?

Order management is nothing other than the sales process behind your webshop. The entire handling of orders in your webshop, from receiving the order to delivering the ordered products to the customer. There is a lot involved in the processing of orders and many parties are involved. Suppliers, the warehouse, the financial department and shipping partners all play a role in this process. Effective order management has a major impact on customer satisfaction and on maintaining a good reputation. It is therefore important for the continued existence of your webshop that you have your order management in place.

Fast and correct order processing can be the key to webshop store’s success. Each part of the process must therefore run smoothly. Every hitch in the process has an impact on the end result. Some of the main challenges in this area are human errors, poor stock management, transport errors and poor communication. Through automation, good order management and the use of a WMS, you can reduce the risk of errors in the order fulfilment process.

What is order management
The solution MontaWMS

The solution: MontaWMS

With MontaWMS, we offer a tool that can help you professionalise and perfect order processing within your company. This handy Warehouse Management System can be expanded with software functionalities for:

  • barcode scanners
  • inbound & outbound app
  • return app
  • Replenishment
  • carrier management incl. stock management
  • serial number registration

In addition to the picking process, the software can also control various hardware systems such as Pick To Light, Put To Light and robotic systems, enabling you to optimise your warehouse. MontaWMS enables you to link your webshop and warehouse to carriers. It is also possible to link with a large number of webshop systems, ERP systems and international marketplaces.

The benefits of MontaWMS

Using a Warehouse Management System such as MontaWMS for the order management of your online webshop it possible for your order management cycle to be as productive and profitable as possible. In this way, you have real-time insight into each step of the selling process. The system is available anytime and anywhere, so you always have access to up-to-date data and statuses. This allows you to respond quickly when problems arise. MontaWMS provides a platform for warehouse management, order management and returns management, which not only makes things easier but also saves time and increases efficiency. It also allows you to meet your customers’ high expectations in terms of speed and flexibility.

The benefits of MontaWMS