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Checkout module

You can use our integrated checkout module to perfectly meet your customers’ needs. We will take care of every aspect of the delivery process: from warehouse to consumer and from shipping to returns. MontaWMS’ user-friendly checkout module greatly simplifies the entire order process and provides insight into the performances of transporters.

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Checkout module

Whereas some customers want to receive their packages at home, others prefer to pick them up themselves at their local pick-up point. You can use MontaWMS’ checkout module to offer your customers greater flexibility and more control over their deliveries. In this environment, customers can choose one of several shipping options provided by the transporters you selected. The more courier services you connect to, the more options your customers will have to choose from.

You decide whether to include the option of having packages delivered to a pick-up point. In addition to showing the standard options for home delivery, the plug-in can also find the nearest pick-up points based on a customer’s address.

WMS Checkout module
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Features of our checkout module

  • Connect with local, national and international transporters
  • Next day, same day, evening or weekend delivery
  • Pick up packages at retail stores, pick-up points and parcel lockers
  • Preferred delivery window, time slots and expected delivery window
  • Individually specify rates, couriers and delivery options per sales channel and per country
  • Sustainable deliveries, bicycle couriers, carbon neutral
Features of our checkout-module
All in one portal for an optimal delivery experience

All-in-one portal for an optimal delivery experience

We want your customers to have the best possible delivery experience. Our checkout module guarantees they will. Our in-house development team has created an app for various webshop systems, which you can download. The Monta Checkout plug-in makes it possible to offer various shipping options without having to rely on a specific transporter.

You can select the transporters and pick-up points you want to use with just a few clicks via your personal Montaportal. Via this dashboard, you can monitor, manage and coordinate all relevant data pertaining to your webshop. In the Montaportal, you can also specify your choices for MontaWMS Checkout. Select the transporters you want to use, whether you want to use pick-up points and what (minimum) shipping rates you want to charge. Extra options include free delivery for order values over a certain amount, evening deliveries, same-day deliveries, do not deliver to neighbours, signature upon delivery and much more. Set shipping rates based on weight categories or per country. Alternatively, you can offer free shipping. You have complete control.

If you have international customers, that is not a problem either. You can set the shipping rates per country.

Checkout module makes things easier

How the checkout module makes things easier for you and your customers
Although the checkout module is an important component of your webshop, it is even more valuable to your customers. By letting your customers choose exactly where, how and when they wish to receive their order, you can significantly boost their satisfaction. Set yourself apart from your competition and:
– A checkout module for a seamless overview of available delivery options
– Shipping and return labels and advance notifications
– Track & trace and updates on the status of deliveries and returns
– A more efficient return process with more convenience for your customers and your warehouse staff
– A dashboard with delivery volumes, performances and predictions
– Save costs

Checkout module makes things easier

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Check-out system MontaWMS

Is your webshop growing rapidly? Scaling up is easy

What makes our platform unique is how easy it is to scale up. If your e-commerce website is growing rapidly or you want to start selling via (new) marketplaces, you can connect your webshop to new transporters, marketplaces or webshop systems with just a few clicks. We offer a scalable solution for all delivery types. Easily connect to and switch between various delivery options for all your sales channels.

Download our app!

Our checkout module can easily be integrated into your webshop, warehouse and customer service. If your webshop is powered by Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify or some other platform and you are already using MontaWMS’ software, you can easily add the MontaWMS Checkout plug-in to your webshop.
If you have not yet implemented our software in your warehouse and you want to experience the convenience of MontaWMS’ checkout module for yourself, you can request a personal demo. We are happy to demonstrate the myriad functionalities of our checkout module.

Check-out system MontaWMS