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Is your Shopware webshop growing rapidly? Is your order volume growing exponentially and your warehouse expanding? The only way to keep up with the increased demand is through automation. By linking your Shopware webshop to the MontaWMS warehouse management system, you can easily streamline the various processes from purchasing to delivery. Gain more control over your webshop with MontaWMS.

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What is Shopware?

Shopware is an open-source webshop that focuses on the customer experience. It forms the basis for your webshop. On this platform, it is not just about offering products for sale, but also about creating a unique shopping experience for customers. Shopware is a modular solution that grows along with your business – without any restrictions, compromises or limitations. The flexible functionalities allow users to easily set up a platform infrastructure that suits their needs and wishes.

What is Shopware
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Standard WMS link Shopware

Our in-house development team has created a standard link for Shopware, which allows us to get started right away. There is no need for a time-consuming and costly implementation process. All you have to do is connect your webshop and you’re off. With a little help from one of our specialists, you can link your Shopware webshop to our software yourself. We will make sure you have a solid foundation to build on. You can then fully customise the system’s settings to suit your business, your market and your wishes. In other words: although we offer a ready-to-use link, no two WMS links with Shopware are the same once a client has customised the various options. The Shopify link includes the following components:

  • Import product information from Shopware
  • Full stock update to Shopware
  • Order status shipped to Shopware
  • Stock updates to Shopware for products with changed stock
  • Import orders from Shopware
  • Product match Shopware
    Offer added value to your customers and suppliers
 link Shopware
Offer added value to your customers and suppliers

Offer added value to your customers and suppliers

Linking your Shopware webshop to a WMS offers a range of benefits. Automation in your warehouse leads to a better overview. It offers insight into goods flows, stock information, order processing, returns and many other types of invaluable data. Customers also get more insight; via the link, they can check a product’s stock level and receive updates about the status of their order. You and your customers will have up-to-date insight into orders at any time.

Are you looking for greater insight into your warehouse, stock levels and orders? Our team is happy to demonstrate how to connect your Shopware webshop to the MontaWMS smart WMS software. Request a demo via our website or contact us today!