Shipping software

Are you looking for a WMS with a direct link to shipping software? MontaWMS has a large number of standard interfaces and is also very easy to expand with extra functionalities and integrations. This gives you all the information about stock, orders, shipments and returns in one clear system.

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From receipt to delivery and further

With MontaWMS, we offer webshops with their own warehouse a versatile software solution that can be used for warehouse management, stock management and order management. Thanks to the large number of links available as standard, we can link our software to various online store systems, international marketplaces and ERP systems within just a few days. The shipping software for all major carriers can also be linked to our WMS. This makes it possible to track all orders from 1 system, from the moment that items are delivered to the warehouse, to the moment that they are delivered to the customer. What’s more, the returns process is also easy to manage in this system.

Shipping software
Shipping software link

Shipping software link

A direct link to shipping software offers you, as a webshop owner, many advantages, such as real-time insight into shipping statuses. This enables you to keep your customers continuously informed regarding the status of their orders. And to be able to anticipate if something goes wrong with the shipment, for example if it is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. But the link with shipping software also gives your customers many additional options. Depending on your choices, it allows them to specify preferences when it comes to shipping, delivery and pickup locations.

Putting the customer first

By offering the customer additional options for shipping, delivery and collection, you can better adapt your service to the wishes of the customer. This is a critical factor when it comes to customer satisfaction and the success of your webshop. But timely deliveries, sufficient products in stock and good communication are also decisive considerations for gaining a positive experience of your webshop. We offer you a system with which you always have real-time insight into statuses. And in which you can manage all your shipments, stock and orders. With this, we make it easier for you to meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers.

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Interested in how this versatile system looks and works? Request a demo and experience the user-friendliness and extensive possibilities of MontaWMS. You can then see for yourself how our advanced dashboards always give you real-time insight into order flows, what the advantages are of a direct link to shipping software, and how you can manage your warehouse, stock and orders with a single system. Request a demo now.