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With the UPS link for your webshop via MontaWMS, webshop orders are automatically retrieved, processed and shipped using your preferred transporters, such as UPS. With our standard UPS link, you will be fully operational with just a few clicks. Get more control over your orders, warehouse and stock levels and expand your e-commerce business.

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What is UPS?

United Parcel Service, better known as UPS, is one of the world’s oldest and best-known courier services. Every year, UPS transports over 4.6 billion packages. That’s more than 12.6 million deliveries per day! Parcels are transported by plane, boat, car and bike. These days, UPS operates in over 220 countries all over the world. You have surely seen their characteristic brown-and-yellow delivery vans driving around.

What is UPS
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This link includes:

Flexible shopping cart management for easy checkout
• RMA module for handling returns
• Monitoring, tracking and cancelling shipments
• Real-time status information with track & trace
• Automatically print UPS shipping and return labels
• Comprehensive insight into all your shipments
Shipping made easy with UPS

In your personal MontaPortal, you can set up delivery options for each of your sales channels using shopping cart integration. The integration ensures the rules you set up are automatically printed on the UPS shipping labels. Consider things such as evening delivery, not dropping off a package at a neighbour’s house or delivery to a UPS pick-up point. The link with MontaWMS makes printing shipping and return labels a piece of cake. Once an order has been picked in your warehouse, the correct label will automatically be printed. If you want to ship your parcels via UPS, you can easily make the necessary arrangements yourself. You won’t even need the help of a developer.

Link UPS includes
Save time and boost customer satisfaction

Save time and boost customer satisfaction

Once a shipment has been registered, you can check its tracking information. You and your customer will always know exactly where a parcel is. In the dashboard in your MontaWMS account – the MontaPortal – you will find an overview of all your orders. You can check the status of each order individually. From this overview, you can also print off a label again, create a new shipment or cancel an existing shipment. All orders are automatically retrieved from your webshop, processed and shipped out with the right transporter. There are several benefits to shipping orders via UPS. As the entire process is fully automated, you will save a significant amount of time per order – all while boosting your customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to take your webshop to the next level? Are you looking to start selling your products abroad? You can easily manage your webshop via our system and choose the right transporters for you. International shipping via UPS has never been easier. We will be happy to show you the various functionalities and possibilities during a personal demo.