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Are you looking to automate your webshop’s processes? Link your Mirakl account to MontaWMS. We have already created a standard link, so you can be fully operational in a matter of minutes. Boost your capacity, customer satisfaction and revenue, and link your Mirakl marketplace to our software.

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What is Mirakl?

Mirakl is a B2B marketplace platform that was developed to bring external sellers and providers together in a marketplace where they can offer their products and services. The platform automates wholesale, production and retail processes by searching for external partners. The solution offers an API with which users can link the system to third-party applications such as MontaWMS.

What is Mirakl
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WMS link Mirakl with MontaWMS

The benefit of linking to Mirakl is that it makes it easy to reach a much larger audience, even across the border. Mirakl is active on the French market. In other words, you can quickly expand your business without doing any extra work. What if you sell your products on multiple channels? How can you stay on top of your stock levels and orders? Simple: link your webshop to Mirakl via MontaWMS. You can manage your webshop and all your links with marketplaces and transporters via a single easy-to-use system. This means you are always in control. The Mirakl link includes the following components:

  • Product match Mirakl
  • Stock updates to Mirakl for products with changed stock
  • Order import from Mirakl
  • Order status update to Mirakl
  • Full stock update to Mirakl
WMS link Mirakl with MontaWMS
Quick and easy integration wms mirakl

Quick and easy integration

Our in-house developers have already created a standard link with Mirakl. All you have left to do is enter the requested information and hit ‘create link‘ in our system. You can be fully operational in minutes. Adjust the various settings to have the system work for you. By linking your webshop and Mirakl account to MontaWMS, your orders and stock levels are processed in real time. The track & trace link gives you more control over your delivery reliability. That is good for you and for your customers.

If you want to further professionalise your webshop, automation is the answer. This gives you more time to focus on other important aspects of your e-commerce business. Request a demo! We are eager to demonstrate the impact and various benefits of automation. You can also contact us for more information. We are happy to help!