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If your webshop runs on Shopify and you’re looking for more control over your order flows and stock levels, MontaWMS’s Shopify link is what you need. It gives you complete control over all data streams, which you can use to optimise your order processing and warehouse management. Via a single central platform, you can import and export orders, customers, products and stock. Say goodbye to technical maintenance of the links and hello to a much more efficient way of running your webshop with more time to focus on your customers.

20 years development

65+ developers

1.500 connected webshops

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the largest webshop system in the world. It offers solutions for both novice and experienced webshop owners. Their all-in-one package gives you everything you need to launch your webshop and make it grow. Just like many other webshop systems, Shopify is cloud-based which means you can access it anytime and anywhere from any device. Anyone with an internet connection can log in and gain access.

What is Shopify
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What can I do with a Shopify link with MontaWMS

At MontaWMS, we have developed a number of ready-to-use links that work for all our clients. Shopify is one of these standard links. With a little help from our IT specialists, you can easily integrate the link yourself in our MontaPortal. The Shopify link includes the following components:

  • Import product information from Shopify
  • Full stock update to Shopify
  • Order status shipped to Shopify
  • Stock updates to Shopify for products with changed stock
  • Import orders from Shopify
  • Product match Shopify
What can I do with a Shopify link with MontaWMS
Automation is the future shopify

Automation is the future

We are firm believers in the power of automation and robotisation. We believe it is the future. Without smart technologies and systems, it is impossible to make real progress in the e-commerce and logistics sectors. We are happy to introduce you to the various opportunities of tomorrow.
Request a demo! MontaWMS is happy to help you optimise your Shopify webshop. No more manual tasks, but a fully automated system that you have complete control over!

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