WMS implementation

WMS implementation

Implementing a WMS will have a major impact on your current warehouse processes and lead to significant improvements across the board. From purchasing streams to walking routes: we will closely examine the goods flow in your warehouse and our system will implement smart changes. It can be difficult to move away from the old and familiar ways of doing things. However, our WMS implementations only serve one purpose: making your warehouse processes more efficient in order to maximise your capacity

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Why is a WMS implementation so important?

Is your B2C e-commerce business growing rapidly and do you have dozens of orders to process every single day? Processing all orders manually and staying on top of every little detail can be a daunting task. You will have little to no time left for other important business processes, such as purchasing, marketing, sales or supporting activities. This is where MontaWMS’ Warehouse Management System comes in. During the WMS implementation, we will improve your warehouse processes. Automation allows the same number of people to get more work done, which saves costs and boosts the quality of your services.

Why is a WMS implementation so important
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WMS implementation in five steps

A WMS implementation is no mean feat. It involves much more than simply installing our software and restructuring processes. The human factor is just as important. To truly make the most of the automation, every employee must be given the opportunity to grow along with the changes. We will teach them new routines and give them the time they need to adjust. For that reason, we will conduct multiple on-site visits during the WMS implementation process and organise training sessions about the use of our software and hardware. The implementation of MontaWMS is divided into five steps.

WMS implementation in five steps

It all begins with an assessment. During this phase, we will visit you on location to get a good impression of your warehouse, the people working there and the software and hardware you currently use. For example, we will look at the type of storage racks you use, but also test the quality of your Wi-Fi network. We will map out the various processes and routines.


Before we put our in-house R&D team to work, we also want to know more about your goals, wishes and needs. What and how many webshops do we have to connect? What courier services do you want to use to ship orders? Do you sell your products on marketplaces? Do you require a custom connection? Are there any other unique aspects we should know about? Answering these questions lets us know exactly what we should and shouldn’t integrate.


There is only one way to make sure the WMS implementation was successful; testing. The many connections, the server’s processing capacity or the enormous number of transactions that the system has to process; a single error will disrupt your entire warehouse. Before going live, we will therefore subject the system to multiple extensive tests. We will conduct these tests on site. On this day, we will check whether everything has been set up properly and whether you have sufficient picking resources and staff available.


Once everything functions properly and staff have been trained, we will schedule the go-live date. From this day forward, your warehouse will officially be powered by MontaWMS’ software. We want to celebrate this special day with you. On the go-live date, we will be present on location to make sure everything goes smoothly and answer any final questions you may have. All employees will receive a key card that is linked to the system. This allows them to earn MontaCoins and win fun prizes.


After completing the WMS implementation, our work is not done yet. For the next three to four weeks, we will be closely involved to answer questions and offer advice where needed. After all, many of the more practical questions are only asked once the implementation is complete.

Suitable for B2C and B2B e-commerce parties

Our WMS can be implemented by both B2C and B2B e-commerce businesses. Our system is interesting for B2C parties that process more than fifty orders per day. This condition does not apply for B2B businesses, since most B2B parties process more than fifty orders per day, which automatically makes them suitable for our system.

Suitable for B2C and B2B
Eager to start automating

Eager to start automating?

Request a demo! Our WMS implementation will boost the efficiency of your warehouse. It also helps you gain total control over performances, use real-time prognoses and guarantee full traceability. We make the automation of your processes seamless and easy and offer extensive flexibility and expansion opportunities.