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Do you sell products on ManoMano, but struggle with inventory management? Link your ManoMano account to MontaWMS. Synchronise and automate your order flows and stock levels via a single platform and gain more control over your webshop.

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What is ManoMano?

ManoMano is a marketplace for DIY, gardening and home improvement products. In this marketplace, you will find a wide selection of tools, as well as furniture, lighting and pet accessories. ManoMano offers more than three million products to its 2.5 million users and the platform is active in a number of European countries.

What is ManoMano
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Selling on ManoMano via the MontaWMS link

Do you have your own webshop? If so, there are many benefits to selling your products via marketplaces like ManoMano. You can make optimal use of the platform’s wide reach, which saves you from having to build your own audience. These days, ManoMano operates in six countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The platform offers you a wonderful opportunity to expand your business on the international market. We can make things even easier for you. Our developers have already created a standard WMS link with ManoMano. With just a few clicks, you can link your webshop to your ManoMano account via MontaWMS.

Selling on ManoMano via the MontaWM link
Manage and optimise every aspect manomano

Manage and optimise every aspect of your webshop via a single central system

By linking all your sales channels to your webshop via our WMS system, you can manage and optimise your webshop via a single central system. This makes it much easier to stay on top of everything. It also gives you more insight into your performances, so you can take effective action where necessary. Our WMS ensures your stock levels are always up to date, automatically processes orders in your webshop and gives you more control over your delivery reliability with the handy track & trace information.

  • Manage your goods flows in real time
  • Continuously optimise your stock levels, warehouse and order picking
  • Opportunities to support your webshop’s growth and manage the future robotisation of your warehouse
  • Better visibility
  • Reach out to specific target audiences
  • International growth opportunities