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A well-organised warehouse uses barcodes. All these different codes have to be scanned, for which you need hand scanners. A hand scanner is also known as a hand terminal scanner. It is a smart piece of hardware that sends order pickers from one warehouse location to the next in the most efficient manner.

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Hand scanner warehouse: Newland order pick scanner MT90

A hand scanner is an essential tool in any warehouse. The hand scanner lets the order picker know what item to pick and where it is stored. After an item is scanned, the hand scanner checks whether the picker scanned the right item and shows them how many of that item to pick. In our own warehouses, we use the Newland order pick scanner MT90. We highly recommend you use this order pick scanner in your own warehouse as well. This Android-powered scanner, including our apps and WMS software, will be sent to you. The package also includes software updates and security.

This warehouse hand scanner has a durable battery. Order pickers can work their entire shift on a single charge. This eliminates the need to charge scanners in the middle of a shift. You will also receive the pistol grip and charger.

Hand scanner warehouse-Newland order pick scanner MT90
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Wireless hand scanner including software

The wireless hand scanner is controlled via our WMS. The hand scanner cannot function without software. Our software can store and print barcodes. On top of that, the warehouse hand scanners run a number of our proprietary apps. As soon as you enter a new barcode in the system – whether it be for a product, a warehouse location or a shipping label – it will be linked to a single specific item and can be used in any department.

The system lets you easily send the barcode to a printer or special label printer at the touch of a button. The hand scanner registers everything: from the moment a warehouse employee begins picking orders until an order is delivered to a consumer’s doorstep. All this information is immediately recorded in the system. If an error is made, the employee in question cannot proceed with their work until they have resolved the issue.

Wireless hand scanner including software
Benefits of an order pick scanner

Benefits of an order pick scanner

• More efficient order picking
• Insight into where products are stored in a warehouse
• Less chance of errors
• Greater insight into real-time stock levels
• Shorter onboarding time for new staff
• Reduced administrative workload
• More satisfied customers
• Higher revenue

Picking orders in a warehouse is a challenging task. The trick is to ship out as many orders as possible while making as few mistakes as possible. A hand terminal scanner helps your staff do just that by developing optimal routes through a warehouse and directing order pickers to the right location for each item they have to pick. A warehouse hand scanner helps employees do their job and makes picking orders easier, more efficient and more fun. Even inexperienced employees can learn how to use the system in no time. The direct synchronisation with the WMS software ensures your stock levels are always up to date.