A wholesale link is a link between two partners in Monta. This allows a retailer to sell a wholesaler’s stock. When an order comes in, the stock will be transferred to the retailer. Once a week, the wholesaler will receive an order in their MontaPortal with an overview of how much the Retailer has sold that week. The product ranges of both parties will have to be linked together as well. You can specify whether a retailer may sell all of a wholesaler’s stock or only that part of their stock which the wholesaler has made available to the retailer via a stock allocation.

Linking partners
You can create a wholesale link by completing the following steps:

  1. The wholesaler creates an invitation in the MontaPortal
  2. The wholesaler sends the invitation to the retailer
  3. The retailer creates the link using the key

Linking products
The retailer can do this in their MontaPortal with the ‘Match wholesale‘ button on the supplier details page. If the wholesaler creates a stock allocation for the retailer, the products will also be linked automatically. If that fails, a notification will appear alongside the stock allocation and on the homepage of the retailer’s MontaPortal.

Inactive products
A wholesale link between products will become inactive if one of the products is set to inactive. A new match can then be created.

Sharing stock
For linked products, the wholesaler’s stock will become visible via the retailer. How much stock becomes visible depends on the setting that is selected when the partners are linked. The wholesaler’s available stock is also marked as available stock for the webshops via the stock link.

Using stock
Stock is transferred from the wholesaler to the retailer if an order is placed for products that are out of stock for the retailer, but not for the wholesaler. For the retailer, an Inbound is registered (per week), so it is possible to check how much stock was transferred per wholesaler. For the wholesaler, an order is created (per week per retailer) so the wholesaler can check how much stock was transferred to a specific retailer.