How does e-checking work?


The following steps are taken at the e-check (packing station).

  • An order is opened by scanning a crate that orders were picked in or by scanning a paper picking order.
  • The products are scanned to check whether the order is complete.
  • For individual products, a setting can be changed so that the product does not have to be scanned, but can be clicked/tapped instead. This is useful if e.g. the barcode cannot be scanned.
  • The carriers (packaging material/boxes) are scanned. A record is kept of what products are included in what package.
  • The shipper is chosen once more because the final dimensions and weight of the package are now known.
  • The shipping label is printed.
  • Any additional documents (packing slip, return label) are printed.

If anything is amiss, the order is marked as a wild card.

Packing slip
When e-checking an order, a packing slip is generated and stored alongside the order. If the corresponding option has been selected for the channel, the packing slip will also be printed. It is also possible to create packing slips per box and per pallet. This option can be enabled on the e-check screen.

E-check added products
Products that are included in many orders can be placed at the e-check. As these products do not have to be picked each time, there will be more S and HM orders that can be picked more efficiently (in bulk). When products are placed at e-check locations, some orders may only include products that are stored at e-check locations. Those orders do not have to be picked via the scanner. We call these ‘e-check only‘ orders. The main screen of the e-check has a button that can be used to find these orders. The button will start blinking when ‘e-check only‘ orders are available.

Surprise pack
Extra packing options can be given for an order, such as ‘wrap in Christmas wrapping paper‘. Monta has defined a number of packing options. These options can be made available per channel, and accompanying instructions and a code can be set as well. At the e-check, the instruction is printed on a shipping label. The surprise pack option can be given for an order in two ways:

  • Vanuit de koppeling. Aan de hand van de code die bij het kanaal bij de surprise pack optie staat ingesteld.
  • Bij het kanaal kan ook ingesteld worden dat een surprise pack optie aan alle orders toegevoegd moet worden.

Bulk echecken

During the e-check, if a crate is scanned into which multiple orders were picked, three lists will be shown: orders still to e-check, e-checked orders and wild card orders. A random product can be taken from the crate and scanned. The system will select an order from the list of orders that still have to be e-checked and open the screen to e-check this order.

During bulk e-checking, it is possible to print the shipping labels of all orders in one go. This is possible if the following conditions have been met.

  • All orders must have the same composition
  • The option must be active for the e-check station

Skip e-check
In the e-check app, there is also an option to skip the e-check process. Instead, only the number of boxes has to be entered.

Composition of split products
The e-check also has the option to show what products go together from the splits and added products.

Wild cards
These are created if there is an issue during picking or e-checking.