Order of picking orders?

Order of picking orders

Picking orders via the scanner begins by selecting a storey and pick stream. There may be more open orders for a storey and pick stream than can be picked in a single picking round. The system will then select the orders that must be picked first. The order to be used can be set in GoMonta.
The following factors are taken into account. Depending on the chosen order, some factors will take precedence over others:

  • Scheduled send date: an order’s scheduled send date indicates when the order must be processed at the latest.
  • Nearest location: first pick orders which have products that are stored close together. This will result in shorter picking rounds.
  • Channel picking order: it is possible to define a picking order for each channel.
  • Number of orders for a client: orders for clients with the most open orders are picked first.
  • Date and time of entry into the picking process: to ensure the orders that have been open the longest are picked first.

Alternative picking location for wild cards
A setting can be activated so that, if a product to be picked is not found at a location (wild card), the order picker is sent to the next location where the product in question is stored. The initial location will be blocked to avoid more orders coming in at that location. Any other orders that had to be picked at that location will also be transferred to the next available location