What are stock reservations?

Stock reservations

Stock reservations ensure that orders are shipped in the correct order if they are partially in backorder.

For example:

  • products A and B each have one item in stock.
  • Order 1 is placed with 1x product A and 2x product B. The order is set to backorder.
  • Order 2 is placed with 1x product A. This order could be shipped immediately because product A is in stock. However, the available stock has been reserved for order 1.

For backorders, you can check in MontaPortal which stock reservations are keeping the order in backorder. It is also possible to prioritise an order so it is shipped, even though another order has reserved the stock. This can be done through the list of reservations for the reserved product. After prioritising an order, it should come out of backorder within five minutes.