What inbound methods are there?

There are various ways to inbound products via our WMS. These options are explained below.

Mobile inbound

A mobile inbound is e.g. a laptop with the inbound application running on it. Instead of printing a location label, you can scan a product’s location directly. An inbound station can be marked as a mobile inbound.

Inbounding with the scanner
It is also possible to inbound products with the scanner. Instead of printing a location label for each product, you can scan its location directly. When using a scanner to inbound products, it is not possible for cross-docking.

Inbounding with mutations
When a number of products have to be inbound that did not come in as part of a delivery, this can be done with positive mutations. However, doing this in GoMonta involves a lot of manual steps. It is therefore also possible to inbound products with mutations. All you have to do is scan a product and the right label is printed. The inbounds do not appear in the MontaPortal.

Unknown inbounds

It is possible to inbound products that are (currently) unknown. During the inbound process, a product description must be entered to create a new product listing. The client receives a notification in their MontaPortal and can accept the product as a new product or combine it with an existing product. The benefit of this method is that there will not be any unknown products left lying around. You can specify for each client whether unknown inbounds can be accepted. If an unknown inbound was processed by accident, you can undo this by removing the inbound.

Undoing an inbound (removing)
It is also possible to remove an inbound as long as the stock is still stored in the specified location.

Selecting the wrong inbound forecast
If a product was marked on the wrong forecast during the inbound process, this can be rectified via the MontaPortal. The product can be moved to a different forecast.

Inbound from a crate / paperless inbound
It is also possible to link inbound products to a crate. The employee scans the crate and then stores products in their designated location. Once the crate is empty, the employee marks it as such and the system can verify that the products were correctly inbound.

Inbound banner
During the inbound process, it is possible to print out an A4 sheet with product information. This sheet can be attached to a pallet to make it easier to recognise in the warehouse. The option to print the inbound banner can be activated for each client.

Quarantine inbound
Products can also be inbound directly as quarantine stock, e.g. if products are found to be damaged.